iPad Video Storage

What is the Cloud?

Storing your data in the cloud means storing it with a third party rather than on your iPad. This means that you can free up space on your iPad by moving data such as photos, documents and videos off you iPad and into the cloud. When you wish to view or access that data it can be downloaded from the cloud via an internet connection to your iPad.

Cloud Storage Providers

Dropbox, Google Dive, Sugarsync and Microsoft's SkyDrive are the most well known third party cloud service providers and I would personally recommend Dropbox. Most of these services offer 2GB to 5GB of free online storage, with the option to buy more. They also offer free iPad apps to manage your documents directly from the iPad and you can also access your data from anywhere via a web browser. They are secure and should you lose or damage your iPad, your data remains safely stored in the cloud.

So what about iCloud?

Apple's iCloud is slightly different as it is more of a backup and sync service. It will ensure that all your apps, music, photos etc are the same on all your iCloud enable devices. It will not give you extra storage capacity on your iPad, in fact it will probably use up more.